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Steven J. Chen & Associates

Executive Excellence Coaching.

Jim Loveland

“As a CEO and Group Executive over multiple companies with over 650 people I am constantly faced with unique and dynamic business and personnel challenges on almost a daily basis. As I deal with these executive leadership and business issues, it’s been critical to me my employees, business partners, and shareholders that I serve that I continually perform at the highest levels possible. Fortunately, I have been actively engaged and working with Steven as an Executive Excellence Coach now for several years. I have been continually impressed with Steven’s unique INSIGHT, KNOWLEDGE, and PERSPECTIVE in the many different challenges that we have discussed. Steven is not afraid to provide direct, invaluable insight on any situation we discuss, whether I like his perspective or not! I can’t tell you how refreshing this is to me to be able to receive this type of independent, expert insight from an outstanding coach such as Steven. His expertise and coaching has been fantastic and I very frequently find myself refreshingly looking at situations from different angles thanks to the great coaching sessions held with Steven. For any executives or managers looking to perform personally or organizationally at the highest levels, I would highly recommend Steven.”

Jim Loveland
Group Executive at Verisk Analytics and President & CEO of Xactware

Horrocks Engineers

“I want to thank you personally for your exceptional help dealing with a difficult employee problem. Your expertise and professionalism have resulted in significant improvements. Thank you so much for your talents. This experience has been so positive that we will quickly turn to you in the future for assistance.”

James R. Horrocks, CEO

Randal Dull

“I worked with Dr. Chen for several years to improve my outlook, behavior and relationships with my colleagues, which I needed when I moved into leadership positions. Steve has great insight into behaviors and strategies that made me a better and more efficient leader and an all round better person. My professional life has thrived and the skills and insight that I have learned have helped me be a better parent and spouse. Understanding our attitudes and behaviors transcends all aspects of our life. I recommend Steven Chen, Ph.D., as an absolutely outstanding counselor.”

Randal Dull, MD. Ph.D.
Vice Head for Research at University of Illinois at Chicago

Climb Wyoming

“I was at a point in my career where I needed an outside perspective to help me learn and grow as an individual and as a team leader. Working with you was difficult at times, challenging, but ultimately rewarding and has directly contributed to success in my leadership role at Climb. Your guidance helped me understand more about my style, my strengths and the things that can get in my way. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about myself and to gain some tools to help me be successful in my role at Climb. I truly value your advice and expertise. “

Shannon Brooks Hamby, Director of Advancement

Diane H.

“Dr. Steven Chen increased my revenue stream significantly by providing sound advice in business decisions. His kind demeanor and thoughtful questions helped me to think clearly. Dr. Chen has given me renewed courage in moving forward in my personal and professional life. I am fortunate to have found such a caring professional as Dr. Chen and highly recommend him.”

Diane H.

Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants

“Dr. Steven Chen introduced me to a selection system that makes sense and is easily understood. I can see the benefits of using a psychometrically valid system to more accurately evaluate potential employees or partners within an accounting firm or business organization.
You graciously worked with the UACPA through the survey process and took the time to review the selection assessment which also had eight other reports. I think my favorite is the Comprehensive Selection Report because of the ability it gives you to gain quick insight as to whether a candidate will fit the parameters of the job for which you are hiring.
As a result of your consultation and guidance, a firm could easily anticipate a business savings ranging from annual salary for not hiring the right fit and time spent if trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Another key benefit is the way you have helped me better understand how to help my employees develop and grow, which will better help serve our members.”

Susan A. Speirs, CPA, CGMA, CEO

Little Dutch Boy Bakeries, Inc.

“Dr. Chen has been advising me personally regarding corporate situations, hiring practices, and personality assessments. His extensive knowledge of corporate structure and aligning the right people for the right job have added exceptional value to our company. Additionally, his attention to detail and understanding complicated issues have personally kept me on track and added a layer of support to myself and our company.
I feel confident in recommending Dr. Chen’s counseling and business consulting services. He is not only thorough and insightful, but also easy to work with. He is very professional and has high integrity. I trust his advice.”

Robert Bakker, Owner

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