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Executive Excellence Coaching.

Executive Excellence Acceleration Program — This program is designed to move you beyond any blocks to the executive success you desire.


This service has been formulated to improve the performance of a key executive. There are many circumstances that can lead to the need to improve performance, but they tend to be clustered in either of these two areas.

Let's Look At Some Of The Specific Situations Key Executives Start With

Executives that we work with have varied circumstances, and there are no two alike, but there are some common threads. Let’s look at those commonalities:

  • They are not getting the results-financial, career, and personal-that they want for their life-and their business. They are experiencing some kind of “suspended animation” in one or more areas of their life. They haven’t been able to sort out the challenge by working alone on it, and want help solving it.
  • They are likely aware that they’ve got growing to do before they can achieve what they desire. They need a confidential resource they can depend on to facilitate that growth.
  • They’ve probably been experiencing some challenging and unpredictable business financial results. This may be things like loss in revenue and profitability, a downturn in sales, or declining new business. The commonality is that business results and functioning are not at the desired level.
  • They probably have some need to mature their reactions, and the ways they deal with emotions. This ranges from repressed emotions to explosive ways of dealing with others. Whatever the situation, somewhere on this spectrum, they need help developing more effective ways of dealing with feelings-their own and others’.

Outcomes That You Could Expect From This Program

This program has one intention: To get key executives functioning at their optimum, to get them to top performance or back to top performance. That is the primary outcome you can expect from this program. However great that outcome is, it’s not all you get from the program. You can expect to get much more than that. Let’s look at some of the other outcomes you can expect to receive:

  • You get the peace of mind that comes from sharing the emotional burden of your executive position. You can let go-of the isolation, worry, the not knowing, ambiguity, and fear of the unknown. You move from the position of not knowing where and how to find the answer to the support of having a problem-solving partner and structure.
  • You get a confidential setting where you receive honest, unbiased feedback. You hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and not what others think you need to hear. If you are going to perform at your top potential, you need uncensored, pull-no-punches information on ways your behavior is not working for you and what would work better. You need to have a setting free of “yes men (and women)” who fear telling you the truth. You get that “gut” certainty that lets you know you’re hearing the truth-told to you in a kind, honest and forthright way.
  • You have a guide to uncover the best actions for you to move to the next level in your career, or to get off the “treadmill” of an unbalanced work/life ratio. It’s like having a mirror-showing you where your life is off kilter, reflecting the maladaptive, habitual behaviors you’ve developed.
  • You get a support system and sounding board that is appropriate for a key executive. Rather than sitting isolated in your office wrestling with big challenges, you can talk about those things you’re now trying to solve alone. You have a place to express fears and insecurities, shame and guilt-and get only support without judgment.
  • You get a partner who is 100% focused on helping you get the results you specify. You benefit from my years of experience in helping executives move through and past their challenges to success. You have a person committed to your success, and a regular forum where you can delve into any issues that get in your way. You free up a lot of energy when you move from an isolated executive position to a coached and supported executive position.
  • You develop the habit of working from your strengths, and ensuring that your “weaknesses” are handled. It becomes easier to “play from” the powerful certitude of working from strengths. You lose the uncertainty that comes from questioning the correctness of your approach. You are supported to lead from and with your strengths.
  • You get an increase in confidence that comes from being tested, surviving, and coming out an empowered winner. You appreciate your resilience and have an even greater recognition of your gifts and talents. You grow rapidly, and develop needed skills, working efficiently and effectively.
  • You get a setting that is effective for processing and working through the emotions that are problematic for your work life. With my psychological viewpoint, it’s quick and simple to gain a whole new understanding on your motivations and emotional constraints. It becomes easier to recognize what’s not working, and how you must change to improve results.
  • You get a major reduction in frustration. You have a setting where it’s appropriate to deal with and solve any behaviors that hinder your personal and professional growth. This might include feeling stuck, misunderstood, or laying blame. We deal with any tendencies you have to spew those frustrated feelings indiscriminately-and the messiness that behavior can cause.

Besides Those Outcomes, You Can Expect These Benefits

We’ve worked with some wonderful executives and have witnessed many powerful transformations-of the person and of their business. Admittedly, one of the perks of this work is the pride I feel when I see executives performing at full capacity, feeling confident and sure of their course, and enjoying the financial fruits of their labor. There are few things as uplifting as contributing to the growth of our fellow human beings. Let’s examine the benefits you can expect during and after working this program with me.

  • You increase your ability to help and support other people in becoming the best that they can be. The finest leaders are those who have the ability to grow those they lead. We’ll work on expanding your skill level in this area of leadership.
  • You increase your comprehension about how to be more effective and less reactive. You no longer let frustration and anger destroy the organization. You develop the mature emotional responses demanded of top leaders.
  • You naturally work from your strengths and manage your weaknesses-and support the same in those you lead. Without the added drag and friction of working against your strongest abilities, your work life flows better. You develop major efficiencies, and more easily gain and maintain momentum.
  • You flat out become a better leader-releasing autocratic tendencies and facilitating teamwork instead. You become better at guiding your teams to consensus decisions, getting buy-in, and influencing/persuading rather than ordering. Your new working style engenders greater respect-self-respect, and respect from those you lead.
  • You become more politically sensitive to the organization, which naturally creates a more results-driven environment. Working from a heightened sensibility, it’s easier and simpler to promote the success you want for your business. You get less pushback and way less resistance to your directives.

Why The Assessment Phase Of My Program Is Different From That Of Other Executive Coaches

I have designed the assessment phase of my program to be very robust. It is intended to create meaningful change, not just make you, the executive, feel warm and fuzzy. The primary driver for all my choices is the question, “What do executives really need to know about themselves, so that they are able to make the deep and lasting changes they must make to perform optimally?”

I have not chosen the “popular culture” assessments. I’ve done extensive research, and found the best of the best assessment tools. Each choice was deeply researched and well thought out to uncover information that will empower you to be a top achiever-by working from your strengths.

After assessment, I apply my extensive psychological training, 20+ years’ experience, and deep understanding of human behavior to interpret the information returned from the assessments. These two factors (best instruments, psychological background) combine to turn a 2+2 equation into more than the sum of the parts. This combination facilitates exponential growth for executives.

  • The first assessment is a sound, psychologically-valid instrument. This multi-perspective assessment examines the strengths and weaknesses of the person being coached. Being “seen” from multiple viewpoints ensures that the executive learns how their leadership skills are seen by those they lead. They gain deep insights into how they are perceived by those close to them.
  • The process of anonymous feedback pierces the fears of underlings (about job loss or opportunity loss), so that you get accurate information. That summary of viewpoints is then interpreted in a powerful way. The summary and powerful interpretation combination allows the executive to more easily integrate the information.
  • The next assessment is considered the “gold-standard” among tools that assess abilities. It measures specific ability sets of problem solving, natural abilities, preferred learning modes, and your most effective ways of communicating with others. The tool was developed and has been thoroughly researched for the past 80 years. It assesses how the brain naturally functions to complete tasks, and provides an explanation of a person’s natural tendencies.  The results spotlight how, given the way your specific brain functions and your unique abilities, you can best leverage your natural gifts to function at your optimum.
  • The next assessment measures emotional intelligence. If you’re only familiar with emotional intelligence in passing, here is a definition of what is measured, “…a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.” In other words, this tool measures the current state of your ability to manage and work with your emotions, internally and externally. This is an important indicator that suggests areas of learning to make your human interactions more effective.

These assessments are usually taken separately, and interpreted separately. We use at least one session for in-depth interpretation. Throughout our work together, we use the information from these assessments on an ongoing basis, to guide you in maximizing your most effective skills. Through a series of conversations and exercises, we explore and discuss how the results impact your working life. Then we develop the coaching plan.

This Program Is Completely Customized To You — The Executive

We’re going to lay out the details of the program on this page, but I want to make it clear that this is not a “cookie cutter” coaching situation. Throughout the following description, it’s important to realize that this is a general outline of what you can expect. You’re a unique person and you can be sure that your coaching program will be designed to suit your unique requirements.

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