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Steven J. Chen & Associates

Executive Excellence Coaching.

Executive Excellence Coaching Can Help You Get Back On Top Of Your Game

We specialize in executive excellence, measured in bottom line results. The focus of our practice is to help you perform at your optimum, and to inspire optimum performance in those you lead. When you hire an executive coach, you want to achieve outcomes that justify the investment. These are some of the outcomes you can expect from working with me:

  1. You will improve your business financial results-if that is your goal. If you want to focus our work on building the financial results of your company, that is certainly achievable. We set goals, and do what it takes to increase your sales, revenue and profit.
  2. We get you working with the way your brain works best for you. We optimize the way you work by understanding and applying neurological information. This allows us to maximize your potential so that you work most effectively.
  3. You operate from your strengths, and hire where your skills are weak. From the beginning of our work together, we emphasize your strengths, and how to make the most of those skills. We set you free of the struggles that come from trying to “do it all”-even when it’s not working.

Right Away, You’ll Experience Some Major Benefits

This program has been designed to deliver potent results from the beginning. It’s not going to be future results. You’ll find pretty immediate benefits from our work. Let’s look at some of what you can expect:

Where To Next?

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I worked with Dr. Chen for several years to improve my outlook, behavior and relationships with my colleagues, which I needed when I moved into leadership positions. Steve has great insight into behaviors and strategies that made me a better and more efficient leader and an all round better person. My professional life has thrived and the skills and insight that I have learned have helped me be a better parent and spouse.

Randal Dull, MD. Ph.D.
Vice Head for Research at University of Illinois at Chicago