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Steven J. Chen & Associates

Executive Excellence Coaching.

We Work With The Top, “Top” Performers
We work with the best of the best in corporate settings.

Our clients want the best for themselves, and for their Executive Team and employees. They are open and willing to adjust their own behavior if it’s getting in their way. They are fearless about confronting self-imposed limitations. They got to the top because of their fearlessness. They are ready to “stare down” and overcome all adversities-both internal and external.

Our Clients Need To Solve Two Kinds Of Problems

The men and women we work with are extremely self motivated, driven, and success-oriented. You got to the top by consistently doing what was required, by recognizing and maximizing opportunities, and by simply taking risks that others might balk at. However, you are currently experiencing problems that you’re not finding easy to resolve.

Our clients are high performing leaders who are facing these challenges:

Here Are Some Situations We Help You Resolve…

The types of problems our clients want to solve vary greatly. However, the one common factor among them is that they are and have been very high-performing CEO’s and other C-Suite members of the executive team. Something-their own behavior or outside circumstances-has them stalled on their climb to the next level. Let’s look at the types of situations you might be dealing with:

Our Most Successful Clients Share A Set of Uncommon Characteristics…

As an expert in human behavior, I’ve had successes with a wide variety of clients and difficulties. However, consulting as a Executive Excellence Coach requires a different focus and different areas of expertise-because the client needs are different. Let’s look at the unique characteristics that Executive Excellence Coaching clients tend to have in common.

Above All Else, You Are Top Performing and Success Driven

You share performance and success characteristics that match your corporate position. Obviously, you wouldn’t have reached the top without these behaviors. You tend to be decisive, goal-oriented, driven, hard working, dominant, confident, and assertive. You naturally want to be in control, and to direct others and direct actions. You might also be impatient, or miss interpersonal cues because of your intense focus on results. Though you “own up” to tendencies toward intolerance of others who lack your same dedication, you recognize that your behavior is still ineffective.

You Hold Yourself-And Others To High Standards and Values

You are honest, trustworthy, and loyal and you’re hard wired to expect the same from others. You have high expectations that things should be done right, and could be easily disappointed when others don’t function that way. You operate from a strong need to support others and to help them succeed. You readily understand the value of giving people a second chance when they make a mistake. Feeling successful is a major driver for you, and you also feel great when you’ve helped others to succeed. You see the success of others as a reflection of your own good work and excellent leadership style.

You Are Naturally Positive-No Matter What Adversity You Face

No matter what happens, you can feel positive. You have that unique ability to see the possibilities and potential in every setback. You take disappointments in stride, and immediately look for the ways to surmount obstacles. You have an infectiously upbeat personality. Those around you feel uplifted by being in your presence. You aim to inspire others by your refusal to be beaten down by circumstances. Of course, being human, you experience temporary doubts, but you habitually hide that, and keep on keeping on.

You’re Confident About Your Abilities, And Believe You Will Overcome

You tend to be highly confident and certain of your abilities, and that you will succeed. You experience obstacles as simple annoyances, not REAL problems. You aren’t easily discouraged or confused. You are accustomed to knowing the answers or quickly getting the answers, and have intentionally and astutely developed leadership skills.

You Want to Accomplish Important Goals

You are excited by big goals. When you accomplish those big goals, you become more excited by setting even bigger goals. You don’t want an ordinary life with ordinary accomplishments. You think big, plan big, and accomplish big. You’re driven to create big impacts and want to be seen, thought of, and remembered as significant. You want your contributions to be extraordinary and memorable.

You Have Vision and A Sense Of Mission

Your life is purpose-driven and you experience your work as having some sort of mission. You’re not interested in simply “sitting” in place. You want situations to change and improve because of your work. You’re among those rare humans who have a big vision for what you want your company to accomplish, and that vision draws you powerfully every day. You are forward-thinking, ahead of others, and can seemingly see into the future and lead toward your vision of that future.

You Want and Need to Be A Successful Leader

You see yourself as a Leader with a capital “L”. You want to be viewed not only as a leader, but a highly successful leader. It’s important to stay at the forward edge of leadership skills. You want to be the best leader you can be, and see your work as an opportunity to change lives. It’s important that the work you do improves your company’s reputation and finances. You want to be known as the man or woman who led their organization or business unit to greatness.

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