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Executive Excellence Coaching.

An Ongoing, Results-Oriented Program Like This Requires Openness And Trust…

When you commit to a significant program such as this, it requires some degree of honesty and willingness to search your soul. That process requires trust in your partner. When you want to get results, you may have to do some deep digging to explore the sources and solutions for your current circumstances. That’s not a journey to take with just anybody. You want to feel confidence in and trust of the person you work with.

…You Want To Know What You Can Expect From The Professional You Will Be Working With. Let’s start with the results you want. What inspires you to make this investment of time, energy, effort and money? You’re looking for outstanding results. You’ve never been interested in average results or ordinary outcomes.

Our Primary Objective Is To Have You Performing At Your Optimal Level

Perhaps you’re not operating at your peak performance. Something or some things are not working for you. You’re a key player-perhaps THE key player-in your organization. However, your results have been fitful, and you’re not enjoying playing at your current level. We are going to get you back to that feeling of operating at full capacity-and even expand beyond that.

You Get the Tools and Skills That Empower You To Work At Your Highest Performance

You’ve reached a situation where it’s obvious that you’re lacking some tools or skills. It may not be as obvious to you exactly what they are or where you can acquire them. As we work together, you will absolutely gain the information and abilities that you need-and you will understand how to make the most of them.

You Resolve any Issues Where You Are Your Own Biggest Obstacle. We human beings have a tendency, at times, to be our own worst enemy. There are plenty of reasons for this. Understanding the reasons can be helpful, but should not substitute for moving beyond our own self-limitations. We will likely delve into the psychological underpinnings where your own behavior is holding you back, but I promise you, we won’t get “stuck” there. We uncover, discover, and resolve.Our work stays focused on moving you forward in performance. We get the answers to the following questions:

Those answers are where we focus our efforts, time and energies. That’s where you will get back your results-producing edge.

You Operate Your Life With Greater Balance

Getting back “on top of your game” brings back that really alive feeling that makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. It becomes easier to invest time in yourself, your family and your community. Your mind is no longer exclusively obsessed with work problems and difficulties. You are “present” to the beautiful aspects of your life and enjoy a mixture of working meaningfully and playing fully.

You May Be Wondering About The Beliefs And Values That Guide My Work…

When you’re considering working closely with an expert, you want to know what they stand for. What do they believe? What are their values? Do those beliefs and values fit yours? You’re looking for an immediate level of comfort when you learn what that expert stands for. You want to know that there’s enough commonality that you will be understood readily and easily. You need to be sure there won’t be friction caused simply by a difference in attitudes or approach. Here’s what guides my work.

I ABSOLUTELY Support Your Success-No Matter How Challenging The Situation

You can expect, above all, to experience the validation and confidence that comes from having the executive coaching partnership. I’ve “got your back” while you face your challenges. We all know it’s extremely comforting to have someone on our side during difficult times. Imagine how much more valuable it could be to you if you have a knowledgeable and skilled advisor as an ally during such times.

I Understand That Leaders At Your Level Require Flexibility and Agility

Corporate leaders have work lives that can be crisis-driven and unpredictable. It’s not always possible to keep to a set timetable for meetings that are not specifically corporate-oriented. We will work together to come up with a program and commitments that works with your schedule. There is no requirement for rigid adherence to a set methodology or calendar. The program and schedule are derived from your needs.

Executives At This Level Have Unique Customization Needs

My clients are unique and require unique solutions. There is no “one size fits all”. Everything we do is customized specifically to fit the success needs of the individual client. We take key components from validated methodologies and research to produce desired results-for you. The program fits you. You aren’t expected to fit the program.

I Promote and Guide Your Acquiring Effective Interpersonal Skills

Often the biggest difficulties that leaders face can be surmounted by acquiring and employing effective interpersonal skills. Without such skills, you have no ability to influence those in your organization-except through fear-and that is not the most effective technique. We work together to explore your interpersonal and communication skills, and to examine how to (as Dale Carnegie said) “win friends and influence people”.

The best results come when we are able to lead others because of our own personal power. Ideally, we lead so that employees want to work for us and to contribute to the success of the organization. That desire is created because they like and respect us and our leadership. We help you acquire that effective leadership style.

As You Select An Executive Coach, You Want to Know Their Approach To Coaching

You’re going to be involved with a coach in an ongoing relationship. You want to know how they work with clients. What is their approach? What can you count on? What do they emphasize in their work? Here are some of the things you can count on during our work together.

Bottom Line Focused

Your business succeeds based on bottom line results. All our work together has that focus, and consistently keeps this objective in mind. We constantly examine what is working and not working insofar as revenue and profits is concerned. We explore strategic changes that are going to be required to improve financial results. You use the bottom line as the gauge of your success. We will use that same gauge as a measure of our success together.

Is a Strategic Thinker and Works Strategically

One of my strongest skills is strategic planning. When we explore gifts, one of mine is to help you see and analyze a range of strategies being considered. By bouncing ideas between us, you come up with the most effective strategic initiatives. That “second pair of eyes”-and second trained brain-provides input you may have missed on your own.

Gifted At Uncovering Underlying Issues and Resolving Them-Quickly

One gift you can count on is quick analysis of the real cause of a problem. I’m trained to look beneath the surface and uncover the true source of difficulties. At the risk of seeming immodest, I’ve been very success at addressing those truths and communicating them in a quiet and calm manner that evokes problem solving rather than resistance. After all, there’s a big difference between figuring out what the problem is and getting agreement and cooperation to fix it.

Motivates Changed Behavior

Let’s be honest. A lot of top executives have high expectations about the ways they want to be communicated with. They don’t want their time wasted. They expect to hear concise assessments, potential solutions, and comprehensive analysis. They have little tolerance for whining or problem-oriented talk. They want to be “in the loop” about everything they need to know, but they want issues handled. They don’t want more problems landing on their desk. You can count on this from me.

Inspires Loyalty Through Personal Character and Integrity

When you work at the top of an organization, one of your biggest concerns is working with people you can trust. You look for advisors who are men and women of great character and exceptional integrity. You expect that they will do what they say and say what they do. You don’t want to spend time with anyone who doesn’t operate in those ways. You are looking for a working relationship with someone who understands your need for confidentiality and inspires your trust immediately. I guarantee that.

Has Rare Insight That Illuminates Leadership Skills

My skills of insight have been honed over decades of work with clients. It’s easy for me to help you with areas where your leadership skills could be improved. When you’re involved in the day-to-day leadership of an organization or faced with big challenges, it’s easy to slip into counter-productive habits. We examine where your leadership behaviors may not be as inspiring and effective as they can be. You will receive insightful suggestions and recommendations.

What’s So Special About What I do In Executive Excellence Coaching?

You may be wondering what it is that I do that sets me apart from other executive coaches. What makes my work unique? Don’t I do what every other executive coach does? He’s got qualities that are not easily found in executive level coaches. Let’s look at them:

Is Very Perceptive

One very rare thing about my coaching is my heightened skills of perception. I understand what is going on on the surface, and also the complex dynamics of an organization. Because of my years as a therapist, I’m not easily fooled by appearances, and have the ability to get to the heart of an issue very quickly. I recognize when personality characteristics are the problem. I’ve a deep understanding of interpersonal dynamics and how they can unnecessarily create “issues”.

Works From-and With-The Strengths Of Clients and Teams

Steven works with your strengths and improves them. He is skilled at helping you augment in those areas where you need someone else’s strengths to “fill in the gaps”. None of us is strong and skillful at everything. When you’re in a position of leadership, the best approach is to focus on your most effective skills, and hire the rest. However, it’s important to understand who you need to hire by taking your strengths and “weaknesses” into account.

Accomplished At Understanding The Tone And Style Of Communication That Delivers Results

Working with “powerhouse” types required an adept understanding of tone and style of communication. Without this sensitivity, you are going to have miscommunications. To adopt the most effective tone and style requires deep listening-the kind that hears all the nuances and both intended and unintended communication. This skill is critical to defusing anger and misunderstandings. When we humans feel “heard”, it becomes a lot easier to listen and take in what others are communicating.

Able To Impart New Skills In Such A Way That They Are Easily Made Into New Positive Habits

All the time in the world can be spent on “learning” new skills. However, if we don’t turn them into habits, we’ve simply wasted all that time. Steven has the ability to expose and ignite the desire to develop new habits that support your goals. You can expect to make some changes-that will bring you the desired results-and you can also expect to make those changes into your new habitual way of behaving.

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