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Raging to Responsive

February 21st, 2022 by Janet Chen

Jim, a 10-year company employee rose up the ranks to become a regional financial manager.  But in the past few years, his anger and impatience had become increasingly problematic.  His out-bursts were disruptive within the company, his relationships with co-workers combative, and his attitude began to negatively impact meetings with clients.

The company’s HR director characterized an offensive email he sent by stating: “It shot him (Jim’s supervisor) up and down like he was a dog, beating him with a stick and just absolutely without sufficient reason.”

He said Jim blew up and went after the supervisor, insulting him as incompetent and slow, when, in fact, the supervisor is “just as dedicated and capable of handling his job.”

Although the company did a fair amount of internal coaching with its employees, this situation called for a different level of objectivity. So the company looked to find an outside consultant/psychologist to work with Jim.

“We had a lot invested in this individual and wanted him to be successful,” said Larry, the HR director.  “We also wanted to make sure our employee understood the seriousness of the matter. It was either do this or he would no longer be our employee.”

Steven Chen came highly recommended from several colleagues in the Salt Lake City area.  Both a psychologist and a coach, Steven had the specialization and skills the company wanted.  Steven advised a coaching approach for the situation. He said 1) with Jim’s permission, key individuals within the company management would be kept in the loop on his progress, 2) it would  be very flexible, and 3) coaching would occur at a location away from the workplace.

Initially meeting twice a week and later twice a month, Steven discovered that Jim’s high intelligence was frequently the source of his difficulty working with others who didn’t share that capacity.  “Jim is a very intelligent individual,” Larry said. “his brain speed is like a super-computer, compared to us who are maybe more like a miniature laptop or something.  Steven helped him realize that we’re human, we all have our differences and that Jim can better communicate with people by recognizing different intelligence levels and capacities.”

Jim also was angry that his career wasn’t advancing, that he wasn’t being recognized and awarded a higher level of management.  Steven helped him understand the role his inability to get along with people played.  By the end of the coaching period, the company had noticed Jim’s significant progress.  I spoke with him recently and his attitude substantially changed,” Larry said. “He definitely believes Steven contributed to his success working through emotional challenges, particularly related to anger management and dealing with others.”

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